How do I set a PIN code for age-restricted content?

You will be now required to set a 4 digit-PIN code access every time you login to the Viki app and whenever you access shows that has an 18 or above age rating on the LG TV and Samsung TV (coming soon) Viki App.  

  The PIN code will only be required on the Viki app on LG TV and Samsung TV (coming soon) devices. Learn about our supported devices and minimum OS requirements here.
  How do I set a PIN code?
  1.   Log in to your Viki account.
  2.   Key in a 4-digit numerical PIN code of your choice.

  3.   Confirm your 4-digit PIN code.
  4.   Once set, you will need to use this PIN code every time you would like to view an 18 or above rating show on Viki on your LG TV or Samsung TV (coming soon).  
  How do I reset PIN code?
  1.   Log out of your Viki account.
  2.   Log back into your Viki account.
  3.   Set 4-digit PIN code.
  4.   Confirm PIN code
 The 4-digit PIN code will be the same as long as you remain logged in to your Viki account. However, once logged out, you will be required to set and confirm this pin code again.

 Still Having Issues?

If you require further help or assistance while trying to set or reset the PIN code on your LG TV or Samsung TV (coming soon), please contact us here.

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