[Closed] Home Alone (inaccurate delayed episodes)

Home Alone ALWAYS gets posted Saturday (korea time) & subbed by Saturday (est). The past 2 weeks it had a delay. It has said next episode in 4 days for a week straight. This show is why I pay for premium. We deserve a post, notice, or explanation.


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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for writing in!

    We appreciate you're waiting for the new episode of Home Alone and we apologize it's been delayed but it will be released soon!

    The show is an On-Air show which means that the content is a newly released show, and individual episodes will become available on Viki only after they have been aired and released in Korea.

    The episode thumbnail will display the countdown to the number of days in which the episode will be released on Viki.

    You can follow a show on our app (Android or iOS) to get notifications whenever a new episode is released and/or subtitled.

    You can find the list of On-Air shows available on Viki here:



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  • I second mariegael_390’s post. Can someone advise us regarding what’s happening? If it’s out of Viki’s control, so be it, but we should be afforded an explanation as customers — premium or standard.

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  • Same here. What is causing almost a weeks delay with the posting? I even thought the show was being aired on a new date.

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  • This show is the only reason I have premium. So I hope there is an explanation or a resolution to this.

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  • Like someone said above, if there is an issue, we just ask for transparency.

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