Viki App Not Casting to Samsung

Everyone is posting about Viki all not working on ROKU tvs but it HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH that my Viki iPhone app has been malfunctioning on both my mobile phone and more so when I attempt to use Airplay to cast onto my Samsung smart tv. Up until about a month ago, this worked seamlessly for the past two years!!!! I’m seriously sick of the support staff either not answering my questions or sending me a canned, generic and completely unhelpful response. I get asked to screenshots and video evidence, which I have…many of both pics and videos and I get zero relies for days, IF I even get a reply AT ALL. I’m seriously going to cancel my subscription at the end of this month if this isn’t fixed. Your company stopped supporting Samsung’s browser, you stopped supporting Airplay, you won’t fix either of these….why should I continue to pay for a service with such terrible customer service and where I can’t enjoy any of the content I pay to watch on the devices I own? The saddest part of this is I was a loyal customer and completely satisfied with your streaming services up until March FP this year. I even recommended your service to many friends and got you more customers…until this recent experience. Pretty poor way to treat your loyal customers.


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    Hello there,

    Thank you for writing us your concern!

    I'm sorry that your experience on Viki has not been great so far. We hear what you're saying and we hope to do better in the future. We will share this feedback with our team. 

    Thanks again for sharing this with us.




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