[Closed] VPN is off, it says otherwise!

Hi I have the problem that my player says that I have vpn turned on, but that’s it the case. It tells me the same thing on Smartphone, TV, PC or even Tablet, but as soon as I turn off my Wi-Fi on my smartphone and use my roaming, there is no problem anymore. I never had that problem before. And tried out deleting cookies and cage, still the same. Nothing is working for me.


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    Hi All,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    If you are seeing the You seem to be using a proxy or VPN’ error message on your screen, this means that our system has detected that you are using a VPN, proxy, or "unblocker" service. Our content is available in specific regions and Viki’s Terms of Use prohibit users from using technology or other means to circumvent our content protection mechanisms.

    However, if you see the error message while trying to play content that you believe is available in your region, please try following the steps listed in this VPN troubleshooting guide here.

    If you are still seeing the error message after you’ve disabled proxies, VPN services, or any other internet traffic routing software, please try these troubleshooting steps first to see if it helps solve your issue:

    1. Please submit this report, then try to reset your device. You will be redirected to an external website and by completing the report, you will be sharing your data with external parties.  If you still see this error message, please wait 24 hours from when you have submitted the report before trying to watch again. 
    2. Try deleting the cache and cookies of your device as well to see if this helps. For more information on how to do this, please see this FAQ here.  
    3. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to determine why your internet protocol (IP) address is associated with proxy or VPN use.

    We hope this helps!




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  • I've been having this issue and I don't even have a vpn. i've reoprted it 5 times now, but it still won't let me watch, and I have a paid subscription so at this point I've just wasted my money....

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  • Same. Their answer doesn’t even help. I already reported it to them and did everything that is written there. If they continue like that, to ignore solving the problem, I might aswell end my subscription. Cause I won’t pay for something I can’t use, because they don’t even try solving the issue here.

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  • Hi all, 

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We're really sorry to read that the troubleshooting steps did not work. Viki has recently engaged a third-party VPN detection partner and we want to assure you that we are not intentionally removing your access to our videos, as long as you do not have a VPN/Proxy service turned on.

    Please reach out to our third-party VPN detection partner directly here. This is a different link than the one used for reporting and will allow for you to reach out to their team to do a further investigation as to why you are being detected as having a VPN/Proxy. Please then wait 24 hours before trying again.

    We hope this will be resolved for you as soon as possible. Should you need further help, please reach out to us here:

    Thank you,


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