Korean Content Improvement

Just a recommendation/improvement from what I've seen the last few months of Korean content. The only new content recently has been 3-4 same-sex romances (which is fine, but not my ideal content). I think there should of been spread out on larger time-frame and other genre content included in the 3-4 new items released instead  (in the the korean content section). Just lumping in 1 type of content 3-4 times with nothing else basically means there has been no new content for me to watch for the last 2-3 months - making me reconsider my investment in the service. Therefore, I would recommend when releasing content in the slow season like now to try and make it covering as many genre/types and not be focused on just one type (if I recall they were mostly Viki only shows and therefore Viki should be able to manage this).

Note: It is possible I've missed other shows put up recently and there are other genre/types recently released. The filter/sort option seems to be broken and often I see new released content next to multi year old content then back to new release content and repeat. This makes it hard to find content in an easy manner and possible there is other genre content released but can't be found easily.

I know the company struggles to provide a working platform and content and in no way am I belittling the hard work the company and others do to provide this service. However, for the monthly fee it is a bit annoying. I do want to thank the company and community for their hard work.



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