Tiny size of print and pictures on watchlist

When I log onto, the watchlist print is too tiny and I can barely read the words. I had to change the language ( for some reason everything was in Italian) back to English, which took me over an hour because everything was so small. I also needed to change the credit card information and the password. Normally, the login info is at the top right of my screen, but I was barely able to discern what and where to click. After another hour, I was finally able to put in my new credit card information and change my password. In addition, pictures of shows on the watchlist have also been minimized. I have Viki Pass Premium and am paying $99+ to view your shows and find the current situation both time-consuming and upsetting. Please correct this problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration. karen_whinnem_641



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    Hi karen_whinnem_641, 

    Thanks for writing to us with your concern.

    We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulty navigating through due to the format size. You might want to adjust your zoom settings on your browser to set it according to your liking, and if the issue still occurs, please do send us a screenshot so we can take a further look. 

    Hope that helps! Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

    Have a great day! 




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