Uncle Not Available Anymore

Hi all, 

Does anybody know why Uncle is all of a sudden no longer licensed in the UK? I have been watching every day, last time was last night and now it says I am not able to watch it.

I understand that there are dramas that are not available and that's it, but I have never seen one that has been available for weeks and suddenly is removed over night.

I was nearly finished and now I will not be able to know what happens! I am devastated.



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    Hi km4n9vztr4_832,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    We’re afraid that the title you're looking for is no longer available on Viki in your region and we really appreciate your understanding.

    You can find new and exciting titles on the Explore page! If there's a specific TV show or movie you want to be added to Viki, you can request it here.

    All the best,


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