[Closed] The new Roku change is unacceptable

My wife and I have been very frustrated with the change to the Viki roku channel.  The loss of the ability to view shows by country is very very frustrating and makes it feel like has greatly reduced the amount of content available under our subscription.  

This change makes is very difficult to find new content that we might want to watch.  And as you know, if subscribers can't find new content they are interested in they eventually cancel.  

I see from all the other comments that we are not the only ones frustrated by this change.  I was however happily surprised when I just signed into my account on my PC (to write this) and noticed that the PC interface still supports listing shows by country.  Then I realized, wow, maybe DOES still have lots of good content.  

Even if it might take awhile to bring back some of the lost features, it would help us subscribers a lot to know what your plans are.  In other words, do you intend to bring back some of the lost functionality on the roku viki channel? And if so, specifically which features will you be bringing back?

Making this information available to your subscribers now will help people figure out if they should stay and wait for the fix, or start hunting for an alternative.



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    Hi All,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Our team is aware of the feedback from the new Roku Channel update. Do follow this post for updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.



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  • I, too, have noticed the format change, and am not happy about it at all!! I don't feel I can find what I want to find. I watch only titles specific to one country, and now I can't narrow my search for these only.

    I DO NOT find the original format on PC. All my devices have the same updated version that is no where near better in terms of functionality. I am very displeased with this change. As stated on the comment heading, the change is UNACCEPTABLE. 

    Yet, this is the ONLY comment I have found regarding this issue so far! Let's get what we paid for - all the functionality we once had!

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