[Closed] New Viki Version 2.7 using Roku Ultra disabled/non functional Menu for Navigation and Categories

Viki Version 2.17 was uploaded for Roku on January 31, 2022. After the new version was uploaded, necessary features and capabilities to function properly were not available or working. The primary menu was switched to the left side and GREYED OUT leaving only minimum functionality.  There is no way to navigate or see categories.  I sent in a ticket and only got a response that made no sense.  I also spoke with Roku and they looked at it and confirmed it is a Viki issue and that based on my model, etc I should have full capability for Viki Plus. They also agreed it was not working correctly.  Based on what I am seeing it appears that after the update was applied/new version it seems that either this Roku model was left out of the list to apply proper updates for full viewing functionality or there is a bug which will not allow proper functioning. I would like for Viki, hopefully, to properly response and give an explanation as to the issue and if and when it will corrected. I do not think anyone paying for a Viki Plus subscription wants a half functioning viewing application. It also appears that I have not getting full Viki Plus access as previously.

Hopefully, Viki Support will see this and take action as sending in a ticket did not any do any good.



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    Hi knottsr_770,

    Thanks for reaching out our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Your ticket on the Help Center has been attended to and we’ll be closing this to prevent confusion of multiple requests. 


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  • Same.  I had to log in again to reach my home page for Roku channel on my TV.  That tells me something has been reformatted.  The new look has the regular categories off to the left of the screen and they aren't visible unless you arrow over.  When I looked at my Watch List, the icons are small and hard to see and recognize.  Can someone tell me if this is going to be the permanent new format or is it temporary?  For me, anyway, it's not user-friendly.  I hope you put it back to the way it was all along and drop this new pages design. Thank you.

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