No "continue watching" tab on account

There is no "continue watching" section on my account. I see the "continue watching" header for a brief second when I refresh the page but it disappears right away. Currently, I have to search for the shows I've started watching and continue where I left off which is a bit of a hassle. 

I am accessing the website from Chrome browser, have cleared cache and signed in again however the issue persists. 



  • Hello vikiuser_598,

    Thanks for writing to us! We're really sorry if you're experiencing these problems with the Continue Watching feature/Watch Markers on

    Please note that Continue Watching/Watch Markers usually take 15-30 mins before it is updated. Also, dramas/movies must have been played for at least one minute.

    Do also ensure that you're logged in to your Viki account.

    If you still do not see your Continue Watching list/Watch Marker updated after 30 mins, to make sure this is not a browser issue can you please try the following?

    • Log out from your account
    • If you're on the web, clear your browser cache and cookies How do I clear the cache and cookies on my web browser?
    • Close your current window, then launch a new window
    • Log in to your Viki account
    • If you're on a web browser, follow the steps here to disable or ensure that AdBlock is disabled:
    • If you are using Firefox, disable your Enhanced Tracking Protection feature for
    • If you are using Chrome, check that you have the Chrome Adblock toggled off or that is added to the list of 'Allow' sites. Copy this into your browser: chrome://settings/content/ads?search=ad

    If the above does not help, please share with us the following useful information:

    • Browser version and operating system. Click here to see all related information — you will get a link with all the information we need. Please share this link with us.
    • The show+episode that you have last watched and is not updating on your Continue Watching
    • The date & time of that last watched activity and when you checked your Continue Watching


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