[Solved] Bug ? Link ? Shows no longer available in your region is it link to the "Continue Watching issue"?

Some shows I was able to watch before the issues on "Continue Watching" happen a couple days ago. Now it says on the website no longer available in your region. Is it link to the issue that happen a couple days ago? Or with the current issue ?

If it was an expiring license can I know when was "The Player" supposed to expire? : 

I saw another post where there was a screenshot from a manager who implemented some dates licensing expiring but the layout of the website is completely different from this 2019 post. So, am I little bit confused with the old feedback and with what is happening now. 



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    Hi sarahgb_716,

    Thank you for writing in. 

    We’re afraid that the title you're looking for is no longer available on Viki in your region and we really appreciate your understanding.

    You can find new and exciting titles on the Explore page! If there's a specific TV show or movie you want to be added to Viki, you can request it here

    All the best,

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