Is Viki supported on RCA?

Hello, is Viki supported on RCA? (I am planning to buy an RCA smart TV). I don't see it on supported apps so I'm guessing it is not but wanted to confirm with someone who has an RCA TV



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    Hello lbhoppa, 

    Is the RCA TV that you are planning to buy running on Android TV OS? 

    As long as it runs on Android TV OS, it is still considered as a supported device. 

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  • Hi Mia,

    It’s webOS. Is that supported?

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  • Hi lbhoppa,

    Currently, Viki does not have an app available for webOS and TV web browsing is not a supported mode of viewing. 

    Instead, you can consider connected TV devices such as Apple TV or Chromecast to plug into your TV. View the full list of supported TV apps here.

    Hope this clarifies now!


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