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Hi when I first subscribed to this App it had dual subtitles ie the drama was in Korean the subtitles were there as well as the English subtitles. I was learning from that, all of a sudden it’s no longer available can you please add that option back it was very helpful to me. If people don’t like it there should be an option to take it off, I mean I am paying for this subscription 

thank you 



  • Olvidé mi contraseña y no me dicen como recuperarla o cambiar

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  • Hi gilly629_756,

    Thanks so much for highlighting this Learn Mode issue to us. 

    I'm afraid that issues with Learn Mode will not be fixed anytime soon. Rest assured that we are however, working on prioritizing it sometime later and will reach out to you once that happens.  

    We'll be closing this ticket to avoid multiple request. Kindly follow this post for updates with regards to this issue. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



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