One more time - explain "following" and watchlist ??????

I know there are many posts on this, but I'm still confused.

Let me explain step by step:

I am using my Windows 10/Chrome laptop computer and logged into my Plus account on

I want to continue watching Cheat On Me If You Can

I search for the TV show - find it here: 

Click on it and add to my Watchlist - I see a checkmark (I ignore the dropdown)

Then I go to "Following" and its not there.

I guess I have to create the private collection "Following" and it will be there.

I won't even go to the next step on how to watch or follow shows on Roku TV!  So I'll start with this clarification first.

Please explain one more time - and thanks!  



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    Hello glennablom_484,

    I'm sorry to hear that you experienced these issues.

    We’ve removed the ‘Follow’ feature and the ‘Following’ list is no longer available with the new updated Viki Channel version 2.13 on Roku. You can now add shows directly to your ‘Watchlist’ on Roku instead. Learn how to do this here!

    For shows that were previously followed on the Roku app, they will still appear on your ‘Following’ list and can be accessed when logged into your Viki account on or the Viki mobile app. For quick access to these shows on your Viki Roku Channel, you can add them to your ‘Watchlist’ as well.

    We understand that there may be confusion between the ‘Following’ and ‘Watchlist’ features, and have shared your feedback with our team.

    To clarify - the ‘Follow’ feature enables you to get notification updates from new shows on the Viki mobile app, whereas ‘Watchlist’ allows you to save any show and view it across all your devices at a later time.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and seek your kind understanding. We hope to streamline all our Connected TV apps and provide you with a better user experience.

    Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

    John Rey
    Viki Community Support

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  • To follow up on this question as how this relates to Roku TV, I have added several show to my Watchlist "not to a collection" and they will appear on my TV (via Roku app).  

    However, on my laptop when logged into, I cannot find these shows by clicking Watchlist or even Collection.  They are not in "Following" either.  Yet, they show up on my TV Watchlist.

    This is driving me crazy.  Do I have to add a show 3 times for visibility on when logged in, and also on my TV app?  On I will "add to watchlist" and again "add to collection"  and on Roku I will add to "Watchlist".

    I can't depend on "continue watching" because half my shows are there and half are not. If there, the progress point in the episode is wrong.

    Will this be straightened out some day?

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  • And - shows appear on my Roku watchlist that I never added...


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  • Today I downloaded the Viki android app - looked at the "following" shows. I guess you can't unfollow from android?  I see the option to add to watchlist.

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  • Hello glennablom_484,

    Thanks for writing back to us.

    We have removed the ‘Follow’ feature on Roku, but the ‘Following’ list is now available again on the latest Viki channel version 2.15.0. Please make sure to update your Viki channel to this version to access it.

    To summarise, these are the features available on each device type:

    1. Roku Viki Channel

    • Add to Watch List
    • View Watch List, Follow List


    3. Android Viki app

    If you're still not able to see your lists synced across devices, please first check that you are logged into the same Viki account on all your devices. Otherwise, do send us a photo of the list with the issue on both of your devices. 

    We also understand that these features might be confusing and we hope to streamline all of our Connected TV apps and improve your viewing experience in the future.

    Hope this clarifies now. 


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