Still no news about Viki smart TV app?


I bought a Viki sub a while back, only to be dismayed that there was no app for my smart TV. Is there any news about developing such an app? I cancelled my subscription when I found this out (before paying for it, fortunately!), and probably won't renew until they get it together. Or unless there's a suitable workaround (I heard that you can buy a Roku and download the Viki app - does that work?). It's 2021 ffs!



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    Hi sullinspc08_678,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We're very sorry to know that you're facing issues installing Viki App on your TV.

    You can certainly use Viki on Android TV and other connected devices as listed here.

    For installation instructions, please check the steps on  How to Install or Update the Viki App?

    We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have concerns.

    Best regards,
    Viki Community Team Member

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