[Closed] Maybe Continue Watching Problem?

Some of my most recent dramas have not been updating as of lately. I will watch the most recent episodes and they will say that they have not been watched at all. I have Viki for both my Roku and laptop, so I am just concerned because I tend to use my Roku more than my laptop. I have seen the post about the continue watching being delayed, my main concern is if this is a problem that correlates with it. 



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    Hello sharpg1 and aletajs_918,

    We are aware of the Continue Watching / Watch Markers issue, and our team is working on it. We're afraid that this issue appears to occur across different devices, however, rest assured our assigned team is looking into this problem.

    Kindly follow this post for updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    Apologies for this inconvenience. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Thank you,

    Viki Community Team Member

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  • I am having the same problem.  My continue watch is not working at all.


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