Issue in buffering video's

Updated version of this app is not working. when watching videos it had a problem of buffering. That made me don't want to watch in viki... Got irritation keep on buffering


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    Hi hmalini363_401,

    We are sorry to hear that you're facing this issue. To make sure this is not an app issue can you please try the following?

    1. Delete and Reinstall the Viki app
    2. Restart your device
    3. Restart your home internet network. For more details: Helpful steps to troubleshoot video issues

    If the above doesn't help, we'd like to provide the following suggestions:

    1. Wait for a few hours before trying again.
    2. Watch on a web browser, or on another device. You can check out our available apps here.

    Because these affected titles are from external servers, we are not able to fix this issue directly. However, please rest assured that our multimedia team is working hard to make all possible improvements to this.



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