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I tried to cancel my subscription on my PC and phone app, but every time i have done that it has taken me to a page explaining how to cancel my subscription. I went to google play to renew/cancel and it doesnt let me either. The problem is there is no other places I can click and there is NO button to cancel my subscription. This is so frustrating as I cant seem to contact anyone to fix the issue. Please someone just cancel my subscription for me or fix my account in such that I can renew or cancel on the app or on my PC, because at my end theres nothing more i can do.



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    Hi senyihor_201,

    Thanks for writing in.

    I'm really sorry to know that you were facing issues in canceling the renewal of your subscription.

    Since I might ask for some information related to your billing. I will create a Help Center ticket and close this post to avoid confusion.



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