[Closed] English subtitles stopped on my tv when mirroring from my Ipad

English subtitles suddenly stopped working on my tv.  I mirror from my Ipad to tv and it was working great until a couple days ago!!  Help!!



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting Viki Community Support.

    Could you share more details about your issue?

    • How are you mirroring to your TV? Airplay or Chromecast? 
    • Have you tried to reinstall the Viki app on your iPad? What app version is it?
    • Are subtitles missing even when watching directly on your iPad app? 
    • Are subtitles missing from all shows? Please share the specific episodes with the issue.


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  • This also happened to me. Subtitles are still missing with our Samsung 7 Series TV when using Airplay from my iPad.

    I tried reinstalling Viki app and downloading the latest version of the app and turning on/off my iPad still the same issues persists (missing subtitles).

    When watching on iPad, subtiltes are present. Only problem was on Samsung TV. Subtitles are also missing fom other shows.

    i also did try to changing/editing the Airplay settings from our Samsung TV but it still won’t show any subtitles. Can you please help me resolve this issue please? Michelle

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  • patki1_690 Have you already resolved your issue with the missing subtitles when using airplay on your tv?

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  • This issue is resolved but I had submitted another issue regarding lack of automatic continuation of one episode to the next!!!  I had already reinstallation of Viki as per instructions.  Will there be a resolution soon??

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  • Hi wattamoves10_173 & patki1_690,

    We will be reaching out to you via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so as to gather more details about both issues. 

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you,

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