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Learn mode is not working for me on dramas that have 100% captions for both English and Korean. I have the option to turn learn mode on, however it does not work and I only see the English subtitles. 



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  • Peeps posting in this thread ain't gonna do anything for the cause , speak with your wallets and when you cancell the sub just select other as a reason and mention learning mode, see if that works better cause this thread is being utterly ignored by Viki. I just cancelled mine.

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  • Sadly, this is the end. They will discontinue it.

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  • Well it was a pleasure trying to fight alongside you people to get this feature to be repaired. I guess according to the article they deem learning mode unworthy of being looked at and apparently it does not at value to the platform. They even disabled comments on the article... I am really angry right now. Hope you all are doing well on your language studies and find a method that works for you, I'll miss this amazing feature.

    The second Viu gets here I'm jumping ship since viki doesn't listen to us.

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