Bring back the old player/format

The new formatting and formatting is not good, it literally made me stop using Viki. I came back today, wanting to watch dramas again. However, I soon remembered why I left. I am surprised the new format hasn’t been removed already. Regardless, it killed my mood and I don’t think I am gonna come back for a while again. I really hope you guys bring back the old formatting, because it was way more enjoyable and engaging than this new one.


  • Although I agree with you, I don't like the new format at all either, this is "Viki ideas". 

    You should write more details of what you think doesn't work and how it could become better. Otherwise it's just a critique without anything constructive.  Just "bring back the old style" won't work, nobody will go back, let's be realistic. And the old one also had its flaws. 


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