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Hi i wanted to watch weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo again cause i watched it first like 1 year ago or maybe it was a few months i don't really remember XD in viki rakuten but it said i need viki pass plus but last time i didn't need that tho, why did it change tho, and i also feel really sad for the people who can't afford the viki pass plus


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    Hi there,

    To answer your question about the shows that are now under Viki Pass Plus, even though they were previously available without, please keep in mind that we can only license shows for a limited period of time. 

    As this title has been relicensed as part of our Kocowa partnership, it then becomes a part of our Viki Pass Plus offering.

    We’ve partnered with Kocowa TV (a collaboration between three main Korean TV networks - KBS, SBS, and MBC) to bring the best drama viewing experience to our community.

    We hope this helps to clarify!


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