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Why do i have to put my ingormation in if its free? People say it charges them evn though they cancel it so i dont want to put my information in and the reason im doing free trial is bc this stupid app keeps glitching and freezing also you need to move the free trial button bc is glitches and stays over the subtitle and i HATE it


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    Hi there,

    Subscription will auto-renew at the end of the trial period and that is why payment information is required when applying for Viki Pass.

    To prevent auto-renewal, please ensure that you cancel before the end of the 7 days trial period. 

    Do note that for subscriptions made via our website, canceling your subscription during the trial period will end it with immediate effect. Cancellations made on other billing platforms during trial will still grant you access to your benefits for the remainder of the 7 day trial period.

    Hope this helps!


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