[Solved] Notifications about QC status expiring


I have twice now gotten notifications from my mobile app about my QC status expiring on December 26. According to my profile page I have already completed my minimum 500 contributions long ago and as far as I remember I've done much more than that this past half year. 

Does this mean I need to do 500 more? I would not want to lose my QC status because of a computing error. 




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    Hi nyacchan, the team is currently investigating this inconsistency. 

    We have verified that you have met the requirements for QC status renewal, and your status should successfully renew on Dec 26 as indicated on your progress bar.

    However, any time you find that your QC status and/or benefit has been revoked, please know that you are welcome to send us a ticket request and a member of the team will review your account and contributions.

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