[Closed] Your payment options are embarrassing, and it's costing you money

The ads were finally getting to me, and I'm enjoying my time here. I was ready to sign up for viki pass. But imagine my horror when I realised that not only do you only accept credit card, you don't even have facilities to remove my card or account from your system (which is illegal in an ever increasing percentage of the world) AND you don't have any provision for 2FA!

Some googling turned up this forum where there are open tickets asking for PayPal ("we're working on it" - 2018), "please delete my account", or the absolute gem where you're refusing to cancel someone's account and still charging them thoroughly convinced me that the only way you're getting me or my family's money is through PayPal.

But you expect people to just hand you their complete credit card information and just hope that you'll "be reasonable" when we want to delete our account? Or that your security can withstand an attack to collect our complete payment details?

Rule 1 of business: Never get in the way of somebody who wants to spend their money

Rule 1 of buying online: If PayPal won't trust them, then you shouldn't either



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    Hi there,

    We're sorry that your desired payment option is not available on Viki.

    If you would still like to use PayPal, you may subscribe to Viki Pass via our mobile (iOS/Android) app instead. Both of these services accept multiple forms of payment, including Gift Cards, PayPal, and carrier billing (where it applies). More details about accepted forms of payment by regions and countries here: iOS / Android

    To clarify further, users are also able to remove their credit card details and delete their accounts by contacting us via our Help Center at Additionally, Viki Pass can be cancelled with the steps listed here.

    Thank you for your feedback and we hope this helps.


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