Flower of Evil censored

Hi, I want to know if the version of Flower of Evil on Viki is the same as the original TVN broadcast or has Viki removed songs/scenes for licensing? I know they did this to Strong Woman Bong Soon and other dramas so I'm wondering. Thank you!



  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in with your enquiry.

    The videos and versions available on Viki depend on the streaming rights granted by our content partners.

    Sometimes you may notice that the same version of the show is not available depending on your geographic region or country. However, it's our goal to secure your favorite content and extend rights whenever possible even with different versions.

    Thanks for your concern.


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  • Hi Michelle,

    Could you please tell me which licensed region offers the version of Flower of Evil that isn't censored and is closest to the original broadcast? 

    Thank you so much.

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