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good evening, sorry if it was already installed! me and the anglis is two
I have the new interface when we enter a drama, I find it very beautiful cool, on the other hand how we see that the episode is tracked in our language, I am French so there is a FR% mark but impossible to less than launching an episode ???
I take the example drama love disigner that I adore, all the episodes below are marked EN100%, impossible to know if they are started or finished being tracked or at what%, unless as said above to launch the episode for !! unless I have not found ??


  • Looked it up and it's the same for me. I can only see the englisch progess too and not like in the old interface the in my part german progress.

    So before I watch something I can't really know if it has subtitles in my language.

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  • Hi both,

    We're sorry that you having difficulties watching on Viki, could you provide:

    • What device you are using and facing this issue?
    • What app version?
    • If you're watching on our website, what browser are you using? (Eg. Chrome/Safari/Firefox etc.)
    • A screenshot/photo of the issue you see

    Thank you,

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