Classic view and following on Fire TV


since there is a new design on the desktop site and I prefer the old view I tried to switch back to the old view. When I click "Switch Back Now" the mask disappears and nothing happens and I'm still in the new view. 

Also in the new view there is no "follow" I can click. But since I don't see my Watchlist on the FireTV Stick I need to follow dramas to watch them on my Stick.

So I either need a follow button on the new design or I need to see my Watchlist on my FireTV.

Does someone else have the same issue. And Why am I not able to switch to the new design?

Edit: Saw I can now only follow dramas that are currently airing like "Flower of Evil" but older dramas that I want to watch there the follow button is missing, so I can't get them to my following list.



  • I'm also seeing this issue on my account.  Since you aren't able to view your watchlists on any tv apps (Roku for me), this is very frustrating when I'm wanting to add shows that I would like to view later.  I hope the issue can be resolved or they add in newer/better features for the TV apps.

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  • Totally agree, I don't mind if they just add the follow button back to the desktop site or add the Watchlist into the TV App. 

    I'm gonna open a thread of Viki Ideas and maybe they'll see it.

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