Need more JAPANESE Dramas (Please VOTE)

I posted this on the viki ideas page, but I think it probably should go here.  Reposting:

It is pitiful the tiny amount of J-dramas that are on Viki.  You have nearly a thousand K-dramas and cannot even boast 100 J-dramas.  I get the sudden popularity of Korea in the recent years and I absolutely love K-dramas but please give me a break.

Some of us use dramas to help in the process of learning a language and I simply have no where to turn to since DramaFever was shutdown abruptly.  They had so much more content.  The few (and I seriously mean few) Japanese dramas on here are nearly all romantic comedies.  There are more serious dramas out there.  Maybe if you added more along the lines of crime, mystery, horror, or daily family drama you'd get more fans than using the typical quirky rom coms and high school dramas (sooooo tiring).  I don't know where to go for J-dramas.  Everywhere I turn is Korean ones.  And I am by no means saying not to add more Korean dramas, but please add more Japanese!  I would gladly pay for Japanese content!

I don't even mind if they get subtitled.  I actually prefer them without subtitles for studying purposes.  Being acquired by Rakuten, you'd think there would be more Japanese on here.  Very sad.  

Please vote for more Japanese content, you guys!  Please!



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us. 

    If you'd like to request more Japanese titles, please fill out our Title Request Form, which you can find here.

    We work really hard to license the shows that we get requests for but do know that this is a difficult process and it might not always be possible. To learn more about our licensing process, check out this blog post written by our CEO.


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