Can't watch Healer and I am in the middle of the last episode!

I can't watch Healer and I am in the middle of the last episode. Epic disappointment, as you can imagine. It is not functioning on any of the devices - mobile, TV nor laptop. And it is the only show I am unable to watch. Is it because shows go through a rotation every month? It is mighty annoying if I have to pay attention to finish watching a series before my monthly subscription goes into the next month.  



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    Hi all,

    We've recently made changes to our content lineup. Starting on August 6th, 2020, Kocowa content will require a Viki Pass Plus subscription to access.

    We made an attempt at contacting users who were currently watching these titles over email to let them know about the imminent change, however, after doing an investigation, we found that due to a glitch in our system, our emails did not get to you. We sincerely apologize for this error and are working hard to ensure this does not occur in the future.

    Do note that other selected titles now require Viki Pass Standard too. For a full list of these titles, please click here.

    Hope this helps to clarify the situation.

    Thank you,

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  • Send in a report. This seems to be a issue occurring. I have had the same issue. I was watching something that was perfectly fine with my regular viki pass standard yesterday, but today there is a issue that it says it is viki pass plus only for the entire show.

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  • Same issue.

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