[Closed] Cannot access viki

Besides the RakutenViki logo, there is absolutely nothing else shown.  When I refresh, I got "Oops, something went wrong, please try refresh".  This has been going on for hours, and my internet service isn't down.  Netflix is fine and so is Amazon Prime.



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    Hi all,

    There was a major downtime that affected all services on Viki and our team is working on fixing it gradually. 

    If you notice that your issue is still occurring, please follow this post for more updates on when it is fixed.

    All other duplicate posts including this will be closed.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience!

    Thank you,

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  • Same!! I've tried on multiple devices and computers as well and same thing. They also have no live support. I submitted a case a few weeks ago about timed comments and I still haven't received a response about that... WTF am I paying for??

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  • I started having this issue around 2pm.  They must have put in an upgrade and broke something again.  I thought it was just roku but I have the same issue logging in from the internet.

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