[Closed] Site Down in UK

Anybody can explain why there are currently no videos available on the Viki site?



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    Hi all,

    There was a major downtime that affected all services on Viki and our team is working on fixing it. 

    Video playback on Viki.com has been restored. If you're still facing issues with your mobile or connected TV device, we'd like to suggest you try watching Viki on a web browser in the meantime.

    If you were having issues with resetting your password, or verifying your email, please try again.

    Otherwise, please follow this post for more updates on when it will be fixed. All other duplicate posts including this will be closed.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience!

    Thank you,

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  • I was just looking because of the same issue.  Glad it's not my laptop playing up!


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  • glad I am able to see the community forum. I too thought something was wrong with my devices. In between I could see that their server was down

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