Timed comments out of sync

I'm currently watching The K2 and the comments are out of sync. It was 5-10 minutes ahead of the scene. I already tried uninstalling Viki and logging in again but it's still the same. It was fine with other dramas though.


  • Hi there,

    As Timed Comment are posted by users, it may not necessarily be related to what is shown on the video at that point. Some users who have watched the show before might also know what happens before the scene is shown.

    If you prefer not to see those comments, they may be switched off at any time with the steps here.

    Otherwise, if you think that the comments are still out of sync or if you notice a spoiler being posted, do take note of the following and follow the steps here to report it:

    • The username of the user that posted the timed comment
    • The timestamp on the video where that timed comment appears
    • The content of timed comment 

    Thank you for your understanding and assistance while we work to improve the viewer experience on Viki.


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  • I am having the same exact issue the user "metz" is describing, and it is extremely unpleasant.

    I choose to use Viki and pay for the subscription in order to enjoy my shows with the timed comments on, as I always have - but it is impossible to enjoy anything when all comments are a few minutes ahead of the scene, and every single comment becomes a spoiler! 

    Unlike suggested by the Support Specialist, it is not the fault of the users who left the comments, since ALL of them have this issue, and the feedback left is completely irrelevant. 

    Please fix this! Thank you!

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