[Closed] Timed comments button not showing up

I was watching Ashes of Love, up to episode 38 and everything was ok. Suddenly the player stopped working and sent me to the homepage with an error. The homepage was black, nothing could be seen on, just the top search bar was available. I navigated to my profile to resume play. After I resumed the play the timed comments just vanished, the button to show them up or hide them are just missing. Not only on that drama but in all the video's. I changed browser, this is happening with all the browser, edge, chrome, firefox.

Please fix this, thank you.



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    Hi there,

    We're facing some issues with Timed Comments on our website and apps. 

    Do follow this for updates when the issue is fixed, as we will be closing this post. 

    We're sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience while our team is working on this.

    Should you have any other issues, please send details (screenshots included) to our Help Center at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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