[Closed] Just signed up for Viki Pass but still getting ads and no HD

I've just signed up for the basic pass which definitely says HD and no ads and yet I'm still getting ads? Is there a waiting period I wasn't informed about?



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    Hi all,

    We've checked your accounts and it appears that you're getting Viki Pass benefits whenever you are logged in with your email address now.

    Like what user Lutra kindly shared, sometimes it takes a simple logout and re-logging in for the subscription to be reflected. 

    Hope this clarifies and if you're still having issues with your subscription, please let us know.

    Remember not to post personal details such as your email addresses or billing information here for security purposes.



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  • Eu também sou assinante do VIKI passa Plus e continua tendo anuncios inclusive tem alguns filmes que estão bloqueados a partir do terceiro episódio pois informam que eu preciso assinar.
    Acessei minha assinatura e tudo está correto.
    Dinorah Pessoa da Costa
    Email <removed for security purposes>

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  • O quê devo fazer?

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  • Did you log out and  back in again?

    Normally this is what makes the pass active. Otherwise you would still be registered as if you would have the pass.

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  • I just signed up for Viki pass however am still getting ads and some keyed episodes.
    Please help me. Thank you so very much😘

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