[Solved] I can't post my reviews

I have the app. I've been unable to post for a few weeks now. I've uninstalled it twice.


  • I couldn't post it on the website at all. I was able to post a short review through the Android app earlier today but I tried to revise it and it kept spitting errors at me. I feel like Viki is getting worse and worse. Website update was bad, player update was bad, UI is bad, app is constantly broken, forcing autoplay is just awful, most of the pages load slowly, etc. Sorry, not very relevant but I'm getting fed up with the issues here. They don't pay for subs; shouldn't saving that money mean everything else is better?

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  • Can't submit review

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  • i paid my subscription since i started my free trial but i couldn't use it that's why i cancelled my subscription can i refund my payment anyway the free trial didn't expired yet

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  • Hi everyone,

    We're sorry that you're experiencing this issue with posting reviews. Our team is aware of it and is working on fixing it.

    We'll be leaving this thread on-hold while we wait for a response from our team and will provide you with an update when possible.

    Hope this helps for now. 


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  • @lmseach1teach1_744

    did you click on the stars selection? Which drama is the problem?

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