When I try to pair my firestick TV with Viki then they said sign into the app first which I did but then it would go to the app won't give me no option to get the code


  • Okay I'll figure it out I guess they didn't like the fact that I have the app in my phone already and that was kind of confusing it so when I deleted that and they gave me the option to put the code information in

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  • Hi there,

    If you are having issues opening on your mobile browser, please try to adjust your device settings so that the link does not open on your Viki app itself.

    These are the steps to do so:

    1. Close your mobile browser
    2. Go to Settings on your android device
    3. Scroll down and tap on Apps
    4. Search for 'Viki' and tap on Set as Default on the following app page
    5. Under App links and the part on Go to supported URLs, choose the option 'Always ask'

    Once that is done, your device will prompt you to select between the app or the browser when you access that link in the future. Make sure you choose browser viewing to complete the code login process.

    Hope this helps!


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