[Closed] The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support.

I am trying to watch the drama VIP, but every five minutes the video stops and I get this error message. The same thing has happened to me with other dramas here. Please help.



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    Hello everyone,

    We are aware of the issue with “media playback aborted” on web browsers.

    However, because these affected titles are from external servers, we are sorry that we're not able to fix this issue directly. Please be rest assured that our multimedia team is still working hard to make all possible improvements on this.

    We’d like to suggest that you can change your Video Playback settings to Medium or Low to see if it helps:

    1. Clear cookies and cache on your browser
    2. Login to on your web browser
    3. Go to your Subscription & Settings
    4. Under General Settings > Playback, select Low / Medium quality.

    Alternatively, we advise that you watch from another device if this issue occurs frequently for you. 

    Do take care, and stay safe!

    Best Regards,
    The Viki Team

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  • l am have the the same porblem with the drama The Girl who see smell  and some other drama with too. Can this be fixed Please help.

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  • I can't even access the website because the error message said... can't connect securely to this page. I checked, my security is working fine. When I reported it, the link I was sent had the same error message.

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  • I am having the same problem.. I can't watch any video of any kdramas. The episodes don't even start.

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  • j'ai le meme probleme


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  • Bonjour alexandratchana_89

    Nous sommes désolés pour la réponse retardée!

    Votre ticket sur le centre d'aide a été traité et nous fermerons cela pour éviter la confusion de demandes multiples.


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