[Solved] Video locked on pause after adverts

HI, I am trying to watch Wednesday 3.30, great series so far. Only problem is when the adverts play the episodes refuse to restart. Struggled through to episode 7, on previous episodes reloading has worked after a few tries, but now it is refusing, gutted because I was binge watching this.. not life and death by any means in light of everything else happening but wondered if it is just a glitch in this series or if others are experiencing similar issue .. Thank you for reading this and stay safe xx  



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    Hi everyone!

    We're sorry for the inconvenienced caused but this issue should now be fixed.

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please send us more details and a screenshot over at our Help Center:

    Thank you,

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  • bonjour,


    Pour moi c'est pareil la publicité de KORAIL BLOQUE DU COUP PAS MOYEN DE FINIR DE REGARDER DECU

    :( :( :( pourquoi???????? 

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  • Salut, je suis content que je ne sois pas le seul à avoir des problèmes, j'ai essayé de sauter les publicités, de les laisser jouer jusqu'à la fin, en cliquant sur les lincs des publicités, diable a même essayé de redémarrer mon PC, rien ne le fera; et je regarde au-delà des publicités :( j'espère que vous restez en sécurité :)             

     Hi, glad I'm not the only one experiencing problems, have tried skipping the adverts, letting them play to the end, clicking on the advert lincs, heck even tried rebooting my pc, nothing will ;et me watch past the adverts :( hope you are staying safe :)                    

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  • HI
    I have th same problem, try restarting my computer, and wait for the ads to finish, but always the screen goes black :((
    I am really worried since, I really enjoyed my series, I hope this is solved soon.

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