Timed Comments broken, 4+ different bugs....

1. TIMED comments are too big even for 65" TV 6 meters away. Too bold / big. Make it configurable - size, boldness, transparency. A junior frontend dev from India can do this in 1-2 hours, prod ready code. No excuse. Your new player is rubbish, it's not an opinion but a fact - think of the customer, and give customisation option. The default you can then configure however (horribly) you want.

2. When you move the mouse and bottom menu appears or hides, if the timed comment is multi-line, it keeps shifting, last word appears on new line, and then extends appears on 1st line again depending if the menu bar is hidden or shown.

3. Nearly impossible to make the comment input appear. You keep pressing the button and nothing, have to pause/unpause the video, exit full screen. And then eventually only after 10 tries manage the input to appear for the comment.

4. As you are typing in the input if your mouse is outside the input box or post hyperlink, if the menu bar disappears input disappears as well, and can't bring it back up if you move the mouse only menu bar reappears....

Literally impossible to use it now.



  • Anyone? When is this going to be fixed, it's frustrating??

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  • Hi blufey,

    We've made updates to the web player recently, could you let us know if this timed comments issue 2-4 is still occurring for you?

    As for your Point 1, we have noticed that you've posted this on Viki Ideas too so thank you for your feedback and our teams have taken note of it.


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