Why do the ads blast the volume at literally 3 to 5 times the decibel level of the drama?  I watch at night and am really tired of having my condo neighbors start banging on the walls and confronting me constantly regarding playing my shows to loudly because the volume suddenly blasts on at ear-deafening levels.  Why do you not regulate the audio volume of your channel to play at the same audio level?



  • Hi there,

    We're sorry to hear that the ad volume has caused some disruption to your viewing experience.

    Viki does not control the volume of ads on our video players, as the video player plays the volume that is natively set in the ad which we cannot control. Our engineers have also checked our systems and can confirm that the Viki video player's volume settings honours our users' volume settings.

    Generally, when ads are made, they will be slightly louder than show volumes. You might find that on YouTube, ads are also usually a bit higher in volume than the actual content. This happens a lot in television as well and is an industry standard adopted everywhere.

    We seek your kind understanding regarding this matter.

    Thank you,


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