[Closed] Viki.com website very slow to browse

Hello everyone,

my stuff:

-VikiPass Standard
-Windows 10 Pro
-Chrome, up to date AND cleaned up [cookies...data...DNS...]
-Super PC
-100Mbps internet
-location Chicago, USA.

Browsing Viki.com website on a PC is very slow,
the problem is the WEBSITE itself, [not the streaming]

it’s frustrating, every page needs between 5-10 seconds to load.
And please don’t say it’s my internet or PC,
i understand computers and networking very well.
Everything else on my machine is FAST except Viki.com.

It is NOT Chrome’s fault, same issue happens with Edge and New 2020 Edge

It has been like this for more than a year now.
Please do something about this, you are losing customers.
Again, please, pretty please fix this, i don't want Viki to go the same way as DramaFever. We need you !
Thank you and have a great day. Jyb



  • Hi there,

    We're sorry to hear that you're facing this issue on Viki.

    To get more detailed information, we'll be reaching out to you via email shortly. Please help to respond there too as you would be unable to attach files on this thread.

    Thank you,

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