[Solved] Please Love Me Chinese drama

This title appears on my “Featured” list on the home page of my Viki Fire TV stock app but there are no episodes loaded. I checked the iOS app and it’s not there at all. Is it not available?


  • I also I have seen this drama on my featured page and was so excited to sit down and watch it. But to my surprise I received the message that it’s not available in my region or on tv app. When will it be available? Also if I have all access why am I being restricted? The whole point of paying for VIP pass is so I don’t have to go through things like this. When will this be available?

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  • Hi both!

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    To clarify, Please Love Me is currently not licensed for viewing in the US so it should not be shown on the homepage of your Fire TV.

    Apologies for the confusion but if you are still seeing it, could you help to take a photo of it and send it to us?

    For more information on titles not available in your region, please also click here.


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