[Solved] Fullscreen on mobile extremely sensitive to rotate

Hey guys. I've been watching on my phone, a galaxy s10, using the viki mobile app. Everything runs fine except for the fact that the screen rotate is RIDICULOUSLY sensitive. Half of the time i try to put my phone down sideways to watch without holding it, it rotates back because i barely, BARELY tilted the phone. Not sure why it's so sensitive but it makes watching it hard on mobile due to having to tilt my phone back and forth due to the screen rotating. Is there a way to lock it in it's horizontal full screen mode without having to disable the rotate option on my entire phone??


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in to us!

    Yes, we have an in-app screen lock function that might help with your rotation issue. 

    You may refer to this article for a guide on this function.

    Hope this helps!


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