[Solved] Double subtitles

I am also getting double subtitles in English on the latest episodes of running man and fiery priest. This only happens when I cast on my Samsung TV using chrome cast.


  • Hi both!

    Thanks for writing in to us.


    Could you let us know the following information so we can look into your issue?

    • What device are you casting from?
    • What are some example episodes with that issue?
    • Are you able to provide us with a screenshot of the double subtitles?


    Several Mandarin shows have hard subs, which means that the Mandarin subtitles are embedded on the video itself and cannot be removed.

    For such videos, we automatically add a black background behind translated subtitles (the subtitle language of your choice) to make it easier to watch.

    You can also alter the background and subtitle colors to make them more legible. For more information on how to do so on, please refer to this FAQ.


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  • Hello Guys,

    I would very much like to help create the subtitles so that everyone can watch the dramas. i would create the subtitles with my PC. Since i am German speaking, i could take over the German language. i would be happy to help you. i would be happy to receive an answer. 



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  • Michelle, thank you for that info. I have done this and it is much easier.

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  • I am experiencing the same thing currently watching The Untamed on my PC. Learn Mode is not on.

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