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I thought Viki Pass Plus titles would be available to those with Viki Standard passes one year after the title aired. Is this not true?

If this is not true, Viki really needs to step up its offerings, and not just by adding old titles many of us have already seen or second-rate dramas. Let's see more of the great dramas produced by cable.



  • Hi there!

    Thanks for writing in! We've responded to you via email :) 

    However, for the benefit of others in the community that might come across this post - this is different, depending on the contract and license for each individual show. Some Viki Pass Plus titles will not become available to Viki Pass Standard users. 

    I'm afraid that this is determined by the Content Provider and we are not able to make any changes. To find out if a show will be made available to Viki Pass Standard subscribers, click on the top-right (?) icon on an episode thumbnail.

    Do know that you can always upgrade to Viki Pass Plus by going to


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