[Solved] Episode wait time after I just watched the episode.

I was watching Tale of Nokdu and reached episode 5 and is saying there is a wait time of 75 days. I then went back to the show page and noticed episode 4 was blocked off too when i literally just watched it. I clicked it and said it now has a wait time of 81 days when i literally finished it minutes ago...

I have Viki Pass Standard if i get Plus will it work or am I just wasting more money for no reason or is this a bug or something. Help just trying to watch my shows peacefully and have a paid subscription.



Proof photos:






  • Hi there,

    Our engineers have gotten back to us and this issue has been fixed. Please try to log out and log back in before trying again.

    If you continue to experience this issue, please let us know!


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  • Thanks for the help! Looks like it was fixed.

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