[Solved] Video suddenly unavailable

I was watching Bride of the Water God this afternoon but I had to pause it to do something. When I came back to continue watching it, the video showed me a red circle with the word "today" on it and I got an error message saying that the video was not yet available. Also, out of the 16 episodes of the series, only 5 were showing up and out of order. So I'm unable to watch this. There are no issues with my subscription and I restarted my phone several times. I even uninstalled the app but nothing seems to work.



    I'm starting to really dis like VIKI.. I'm sick of when I'm watching a video, with NO Warning it Stops and I can't watch do to their error to start Blocking Content, as to say I'm too young to watch when I clearly 45 yrs old here just this Dec.11, 2019.  What the HELLLLLLL!!!!    I WISH THEY GET THIER SH*T STRAIGHT. I'm really turned Off to liking VIKI when they do this off mess to those it should not be done to and clueless to whom their messing over. Soooo Unprofessional Indeed with off Tech. to help do this.  -That's why I like Net- Flex  Better.   I also wonder it someone is using my Email.  Because someone stole my Tablet.  … "VIKI  IF U WANT TO BLOCK CONTENT FROM THOSE TOO YOUNG,,, YOU NEED BETTER TECH. TO ABSOLUTELY BE FREAKING SURRRRRRE."  Instead of Screwing up saying people that are almost 50 yrs, old is to young to watch. Cutting them OFF yet they pay you monthly.  Net-Flex  NEVERRRRRRR DO or Done this mess to Me.  STOP SCREWING OVER PEOPLE  VIKI.!!!!!!!!  -Just with fixing this I'd like them much better.  I Love Viki.. But I Hate This.

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  • Hi there,

    Our engineers have gotten back to us and this issue has been fixed. Please try to log out and log back in before trying again.

    If you continue to experience this issue, please let us know!


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