[Closed] Slow streaming and buffering

I’ve been customer like 2 years. My experience so far is very frustrating.. Too often the streaming is slow and buffering constantly. After buffering the video freeze but just audio plays.. then I have to click on backward button to get video plays back again..!! the app set up on my devices like chrome book, iPad. Even desktop. I’m paying $100 premium. Why do I get this kind of quality? Watching them on free sight is less problematic, needless to say recent problem with login!! It wasn’t even recognizing my email! Also premium customer should be able to get a real person support on the phone. I’m really uncomfortable communicating only by email..! I was recently charged another year premium. I request my money back!


  • Hi there!

    We're truly sorry to read this! We do not provide phone support at the moment but we are still as committed to solving this issue for you. For more information, please click here

    Due to the nature of your request, we've created a new ticket via email and we'll be responding to you there shortly.




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