Badges - QC badge broken - Spring Subathon 2019 - 2nd try

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It is still the same on my profile as well as many others I understand that this matter is not a first priority to Viki, but it is still unsolved.

For one, I am not a segmenter I would be glad if you could take this badge from my profile, because I did not make any segments not the amount, neither at that time. I am talking about this one

As for the other badge it still looks broken to me and many others. Because of the problems with the submit button here, I was logging out and back in so many times with cleaning cache and re-starting the device and browsers, so I do not feel that it is related to the broken image.

I do not know about other users I am using W10 and Mozilla Firefox and it looks like this:






  • Hi there Lutra,

    Thanks again for bringing this up. We're checking in without engineers for updates on this and we'll get back to you as soon as we have an update!

    Thanks for your patience with us.


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  • Hi there!

    Seems the broken QC badge disappeared. But I still got the segmenter badge without doing any segmenting.

    So this problem is 50% solved.


    Till then

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  • Today I have a problem with badge too, 
    I got 3 for subtitles today but I don't have them anywhere.
    :( :( :(


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  • Did you log out and back in again? Most of the time this option works. ;)

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